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omitech 30-11-2013 11:02 AM

Help with Vauxhall Astra diesel reving flat out
Help with Vauxhall Astra DTL 16V 2001 Diesel reving flat out :(.

Bit odd this one, the car will rev flat open after being at idle for a time :(, it will come back down again after a few seconds.

It has done this a number of times for the customer in town traffic, but did it here at the garage today after leaving it at idle for a short time.

Is there anything on the pump that can make the car do this, we have checked for fault codes and no codes are set.
Thanks for any help you can give, Omitech.

Timbo 30-11-2013 12:52 PM

Hello and yes we can help, please don't run it any more :mad:, the turbo is in trouble :(, and the engine is running up on the oil in the intercooler, this will and can blow the motor if it revs it's nuts off :mad:.

Pull off the pipes to the the turbo and the intercooler, check for oil and major play on the turbo shaft, the car will need a new turbo, and wash out all pipes and the intercooler as well.

Nothing on the pump or the control system will make it rev like that.
Timbo, Forum Tech.

omitech 24-01-2014 09:02 PM

Thank you, we checked the turbo and found lots of oil, the turbo had major play in the shaft, we fitted a new turbo, all is ok now.

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