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Holly Goodhead 02-07-2018 08:03 PM

Sad News, A Tribute to Terry Jackson
A Tribute Terry Jackson

Sadly Terry past away last week, a friend of Bobs and a member of this site, it's been a big shock to us all here, as he had made a really good recovery after an op: and bad legs like Bob has.

Bob had been working with Terry just days before he past away.

Please feel free to add to the Tribute to Terry here, and any photos or links, or anything you new about our dear friend.

Terry was more active on the truck bus and army forums and ran Albion Garage, there are a good number of photos of army trucks and shows that Tery was into here are just one or two, we will add more here and when we know more in the coming weeks.
At this sad time we send our condolences to Terry's Family and friends, Terry we are all thinking about you in Loving Memory of Terry Jackson, Bob, Liz Timbo and Holly and all Members the forum.

Oner is Mr T Jackson, Herefordshire Uk, the engine is a Lister 4 cyl: Diesel, hand crank, (Mather and Platt) Generator set, 100v, 200 amp, 22 kw, Manchester 1943, used in the War time for spot lighting.
The trailer is lifted up on 4 jacks when running.

The weight of the hole thing is over 4 ton and had a refeb in 1959.

Here is all about the Scammell Explorer rebuild, Owner is MR T Jackson of Peterchurch in Herefordshire.
The Scammell Explorer is a 1951, and has a Meadows 10.5 6 cyl: diesel engine, this Scammell was used by the army, and after was used as a garage brakdown truck.
The Scammell was found in a field, with a tree growing inside it, it took two years of very hard work to rebuild the truck to what you see now.[/B]

When first found, in field,

Getting her home to the workshop needed some very heavy haulage.

After a full rebuild, it's now off to some shows, a good day out.

At the first show.

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