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Curbside Motors 16-09-2011 03:16 PM

Help with Ford Transit.
Hi everone, need help with Ford Transit 2.4 DI, 52 plate with pump.

The van is no start, we had been thinking the pump was faulty :(, and have had that removed and tested, it was said to be fine, it's well over £250 so far and still wont start :mad:.

We are told the fault is the imm: pats system, or key now, it code's B2139 security messages do not match between PCM and PCU, what is the meaning of this, is it still the pump or imm:, the imm: LED on dash goes out ok.

We were told by the customer that the van made a knocking and black smoke before cutting out and then not starting.
Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Bob the Boss 22-09-2011 02:00 PM

Sorry i did not see your post before, this could be a number of things, the pump, can or canbus, wiring or ecm :(.

The pump canbe removed and tested, but there is no one testing or who can supply a plug and play ecm, what ever they say :(.

The pats will have the in out and rolling code, you can code keys but need the kit and a A/C with ford to do it :mad:.

We try and stay well away form fords at this time and only work on getting to know the systems.

What i would do first is, there are 7 cables at the injector pump plug, can t/pair, speed input, ground and B+, check for B+ and the ground at the one end of the pump bigger cables, if no supply check a small relay in box by batt, we have seen them fail.

Next you need to check can is running on the t/pair at the other end of the pump, if you can't do this, check for a can cable break from pump to ecm, we find this a lot.

You may find it best to remove the inlet m/fold to get at the pump plug, we find this to be the best way.

Curbside Motors 25-09-2011 09:36 AM

Thanks very much :), the cable had come apart in the wiring loom, it was round and round another one and had come right apart with green.

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