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Bob the Boss 01-11-2009 03:33 PM

Nissan Almera, W plate, no start.
Customers complaint, no start,

A DTC is set it is P0335 the crank sensor, and they can fail on the older cars the cam sensor too, it is a hall type at bottom of the flywheel.
The red cable = the output, black ground, there should be switching with the motor cranking.
You will need a scope to test for the sig: and a good pull down to ground.
We found no sig: and the sensor is faulty, sold as two cam and crank, the cam sensor is on the front of the motor.
Note we see a lot of cars coding crank or cam sensor, but running ok, test the sensors if ok the fault maybe the timing chain :eek:, there will be little or no noise from them.

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