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Holly Goodhead 17-05-2020 02:38 PM

A ride back West.

Holly Goodhead 17-05-2020 02:54 PM

Holly Goodhead 17-05-2020 03:03 PM

Hope you enjoyed from a Mobility Scooter Forum

Dongo 17-05-2020 09:32 PM

What would be the range of the scooter? Great photos.

carlys_guy 18-05-2020 01:39 AM

used to have a woman in town that rode one from her home to the store to shop then home again probably 3-4 miles round trip.


Holly Goodhead 18-05-2020 08:03 AM

Bob told me the range of his scooter is 20 miles on one charge, can do 3.5 miles in about 25 minutes, the most miles he has been on it in one full trip is 8 miles.

Bob said the miles will come down with two riding, that's with one on the hop-on you see at the back and one driving.

Bob said it is a full road scooter and has full road insurance.

The photos are on the return trip back from the only small village shop, the shop is about 3 miles away and city of Hereford is about 12 miles on the same road, the road runs back to the town of Hay-on-Wye, to the west.

Tina Titswobble 18-05-2020 04:13 PM

that sound interesting , if its on the road it dont do 4mph , mr Tracks E moped is supposed to do 15 mph but we know what boys get up to , and he always wears his helmet :) he has only had id a couple of weeks .... Tina x

the longest trip to date is 9 mile with the battery meter dropping from 4 to 3 .
dealers claim 20 plus mile dependent on terrain / weight carried .

it is not a mobility scooter , will post a review soom ... ST.

Holly Goodhead 18-05-2020 04:50 PM

Mr Tracks E moped sounds good, you don't mean Mr Track is now on 2 wheels and not 3:( and Mr Bob is still on 4:mad:.

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