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Originally Posted by carlys_guy View Post
good info once again thanks.

P.S. i remember seeing some ford rangers in one of your pics either at bobs place,the garage or the farm how do you like them and have you had any troubles with them. i'm thinking of getting rid of my f150 and getting a ranger seems a lot easier to park than the aircraft carrier a f150 is.
A lot of the farmers have the Ford Ranger over here, from what I know they are not much trouble and good strong truck, and the Toyota is good too

We don't have one, so the photo must have been a customers, it's all Daihatsu fourtracks we have, as Bob and Timbo like them and have had Daihatsu's for many years.

Don't know a lot more myself, but I'm sure when Bob and Timbo look in they can tell you more.
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