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Jo lived in Birmingham in a big block of flats, however he only had a small flat and out side a small Garage that he had full of old motorbikes and one could not move in there to work on them, so he rebuild them in the flat smuggling them in at night, banging and tapping in the day well the neighbours were at work and Jo was hard at it too, even making things for his dolls like the stands for them and suit of armor he made for his doll Antanasia, this armor is amazing work and he even made the boots and helmet for her.

Jo was big into guns and his Brother showed Bob an amazing gun one that Jo had made himself, he also had bows and arrows and was very good at Archery,

Here is Jo's doll Antanasia in a photo he took, he also had corssbows and was a first class marksman with them too.

His Brother told Bob that if you could beat him, Jo would not give up, going on into the night till he had got even with you.

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