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Jo loved photography and on the walls were photos of his dolls, he I think wining the photo contests over at TDF three times, one with his Teddy Babe in a blue wetsuit, that was fitting to his forum user name.

He made a number of animated videos of his dolls playing musical instruments, and also of himself riding his old motorbikes around the roads and small lanes, even after the bike accident he still loved riding them.

He also had many musical instruments and he had them hanging on the walls within the flat.

Also he had a set of elec: drums with head phones so he did not get trouble with the neighbours.

As some of you know Jo named it the Wetsuit mansion, well he was right in one way, it sure was a mansion and he needed it as he did have 5 dolls and many old motorbikes, at the end he had five Teddy Babes, two of them Vampires, a subject that he also new a lot about.

He new a lot about the Teddy Babe dolls and could answer most anything about them as in fact he could about most dolls.

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