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Anyway after Wisey Bobs Wife had cooked Jo some food, and he had a good look round, and Dolly had met up with Justine again after a long time, we had some beers and a chat.

The next day was spent going to places to check them out for the doll meet, Jo was thinking about the working coal mine and he had told Bob that his family had been in coal mining at one time.

They set of in the 4x4 to the working mine with Jo's doll and Bobs doll Katie.

Bob could see that Jo was finding it hard to walk but he was determined to walk round the mine, and even go down the mine shaft and to walk through the dark tunnels of the mine.

He had a great time and I could see he was happy and this was on the list of places for the first UK doll meet in 2010, next we went round some local castles some being Goodrich, where Jo got the crossbow for his doll to go with her suit of armor.

Jo wanted to make this look like the real one, but past way before he could do it.

Next on to Longtown with Jo's doll in her suit of armor up in the Castle tower.

Bob took Jo up on top of the black Mountains he got out taking in the view and new what he was thinking, he did not have to say anything, Jo new that the world was a great place and every day was most precious to him.

Next day we checked out the venue for the meet and checked out the food and drink, Jo is a Guinnes man, and he downed a couple of pints before moving on, checking out the old prirey where Jo also wanted to photo dolly in the suit of armor when he came to the meet, and downing one more pint of Gunnes.

The weekend was soon over and we had little time to do all we wanted, by this time Jo had become a Dear friend, and a part of the family here at Gibbmodoll and his dolls also.

Will after the bike loading was over, and I can say he had a place for everything, he set off for home, the next time we would meet would be the UK doll meet 2010 and I can tell you that was something Jo wanted so much and to meet you all.

He made good time getting back and sending Bob a PM that he had got back ok and that he could not wait till he could meet you all at the meet in that coming November of 2010.

After that things went down hill for Jo, his hip was getting worse and he was in great pain, but he was not going to miss the UK doll meet and meeting you all, not for anything and again he came on the bike with Antanasia his vampire doll one of the very first we think.

This time there was rain and we had to dry Jo out and all his kit by a big heater we have here, getting wet for Jo was all part of the fun as long as dolly was dry Jo was happy.

Not only did he have his doll but all her suit of armor and fighting gear, his guitar and amplifier too, yes Jo loved music and could play most instruments, even the drums, he would play the ones Bob had here and loved it as he could make as much sound as he liked.

He played for us at the UK doll meet last year, with Midi playing too, the two of them are great together, and I know that Jo loved meeting so many of you all and all your dolls.

It is what he wanted most, and wanted to meet more of you the next year, but sadly he can not, we will all remember him for the joy he gave to us all, and he will never be forgotten.

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