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Thanks Guy's for your kind posts, I will be back on Monday at my office and the PC.

I'm feeling ok now, but not my little car, have not got another one yet, want one like before

Will be looking at one next week, till then I have Tim's four track To use from off the farm

It was on ice, and the car slid off the road and I held the brakes on going down a bank and ended up in a tree, the high bank made the car roll over onto it's side, and then on it's roof, the hard top held out really well.

They are all telling me here that I should have let the brakes go and I would have been fine and would have got out of it, they tell me that now.

Anyway good job I had my phone and could call Timbo to help, or I could still be there now.
, you may be,
But now Kembles Thertre Usherette

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