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Anyway, I wanted Jo to be sure he wanted to let Justine his silicone doll go and he insured me he was happy that Justine would be going to a good home and a Guy that he new would Love and care for her, so I am sure that is what he would want for his Teddy Babe dolls too.

He said he would still see her on the forums and that would make him very happy knowing someone like Timbo would also have the joy of Justine as Jo did.

Many post were made with Justine by Timbo and Jo and Timbo became great friends, but never met, Timbo wanted Jo's doll to be in everything we did here at Gibbmodoll, and she was in many Mags: and in posts, threads and all over the internet and became a big Movie star here at the Sixties Garage.

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