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Originally Posted by carlys_guy View Post
nice pics but you girls should be wearing shoes to keep your feet clean.

Apparently shoes for Teddy babes like us are quiet difficult to get?

Oh and Mr Fez thinks it would be like giving Dobby socks

Much love Ana xx

Originally Posted by miss Lisa Shufflebum View Post
its nice to see the weather is being kind for the boating holiday - its oil skins and sow'ester for the weekend

love N' hugs Lisa & Tina xxx
Hi Lisa and Tina,

Yes we were really lucky with the weather considering what it's been like since. We don't tan well, but Mr Fez did whilst standing on the back of the boat all day.

Love and hugs,

Lucy xxx

Originally Posted by Dongo View Post
Wow, that's had work doing the locks!
The Northampton flight has eighteen of them spread over less than three miles, so they can be quite difficult.

The trick is to take your time and let the Fezmonkey's do it

Much love Ana xx

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