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Default Please can we play?

Hello! Can we join the forum please?
I am Lexi on the left and with me is my little friend Tasha.
We look after and play with Lady Olga who is Lady Kat's daughter but we have lives of our own and are very happy at Mr Kat's.

Long ago we belonged to little girls who grew up and put us away in dark boxes in lofts. It was very sad and even worse when we were sent to a charity shop and no one wanted to buy us. Tasha, who is very nervous was terribly upset.
Then, one day, Mr Kats came into the shop and saw us and said we were exactly what he wanted. We were loved again and so happy. Mr Kats is very kind to us; we are allowed to sit up with with Auntie Julie and watch TV and sometimes we keep her company at night. Now we will never be lonely again.

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