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Originally Posted by Dongo View Post
They take drunk drivers very seriously in the Uk. Perhaps in France, too?
It wasn't the first time...

4 years ago, policeman controlled her at 1g/L but waited before official control... Official, 0.79 g/L ... Sounds like a joke...

The limit here is 0.5 g/l... A 90 euro fine and your driving licence looses 6 points. (We can have 12 points, i have my 12 points)

At 0.8g/l and over, you loose 6 point and the magistrates' court rules on... Up to 4500 €uros fine, up to 2 years jail, up 3 years driving licence suspension or driving licence cancellation...

But, when you use some (Legal or not) drugs, you must not mix them with alcohol. Yes you are maybe over 0.5 g/L and under 0.8 g/L, but you are very dangerous.
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