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Unhappy VW Golf 1.4 16v, limp home 5000 revs: only.

VW Golf 1.4 16v, limp home 5000 revs: only, 54 plate.

This car goe's into limp home mode and sets the revs: to 5000 revs: only, EPC light comes on and codes set in the ABS also, as check engine ECU.

Codes in engine set as 16606 or P0222 = throttle pos sensor -B- circ:.

This is coding for the throttle body, but it should be noted that we get more trouble with the wiring in the loom, however check out the elec: throttle body.

And the pedal sensor, to to test the pedal sensor you will need to remove it.

Removing the pedal sensor.

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