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Talking VW Golf 2.0, eng: code 2E.

Customers complaint, idle is up down, car is rich, will cut out at low speed driving.

Well this poor Guy has changed just about everything to fix this car , the idle valve, throttle pot, air flow meter, and cap rotor coil leads and even the ecu.

Well its as i say, time and time again, test first, sub: later, ok well lets take a look and see what we can do for him .

To start off there are no codes set, but this is a old hat system and the only way is to get the scope and start your testing at the ECU .
This system is the Digifant ml 5.9, the ECU canbe found under the screen panel, N/S, with a slide off plug.

With the scope i noted first that the injection duration was unstable, and also the air flap output will jump.
On testing the hall output i noted that there is ripple on top of the hall trace, and now i know what the fault is, it is due to the main relay not pulled in and the ECU getting its supply from the idle control valve.
Not from the supply side but infact the switch side, giving the ripple on the trace.
If in fact you duel trace the two you will see that the freq: is in fact the same.
Well we can fix this and the fault is just a simple relay, at £2-75, and the car runs great, just like new, the custemer is very happy with the repair ,but not with all the parts he had fitted.
Gibbins Motors Technology Uk
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