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Default Range Rover 4.6 HSE S plate, heated blend motors.

Customers complaint, had faulty heater door motor, fitted new control motors, can only get all 3 motors as one, when we got them we tested them on actor test, not fitted and the motors worked and went fully to open, now we cannot drive them back and the code said all three new motors are faulty .

Ok do not try and test the blend door motors out (not fitted), when you get them they are set within there tracks, and running them not fitted will drive them off there tracks.
When off there tracks the system will not know there position and will not drive them back again, you will also not drive them back using the hand set, and the system will think they are faulty.

This is what to do, the motor resis: is 40 ohm, the motor cables are brown and black, +- = out,-+ = in, the motors are 7v, your feed backs will be over 100%, this is the max:, zero to 100%, you may have a feed back of over 100 to 125%, your motors are off the tracks.
Use a 6v batt: to drive the motors back onto there tracks, +-/-+ to move them up or down, move them half way and fit them, all should now work ok, when the motors are in the heater box they cannot drive over 100% and off the track, also do check the heated doors for sticking or hard to move, this canbe the fault and in fact not the blend door motors .
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