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hi holly lynne said they went to the yorkshire dales and that the dam is northwest of them. she also said that muninn and his family had crossed the bridge that was washed out the day before it happened and the military would be doing a temporary fix soon. the thread is in the dolls alive area and is called what's new but is for members only.


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That's why I could not see it then, not sure why the login is ban, but we all are and also at doll album too, can only think it's due the no longer having the other site

Thank you for the info, they are most welcome to look in on us here.

We had a little rain last night here where we are, so far it's a nice day here, do hope it's nice for them in Yorkshire dales and around there and the rain that is due never comes, it must be a big worry for the town.

Here is the news over night

Heavy rain is likely to hamper efforts to fix a damaged dam at risk of bursting and flooding a town.

Work to lower Toddbrook Reservoir's water level by pumping continued overnight at Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire.

More than a third of its water has been been pumped out since Thursday, but forecasters say 30-40mm (1.2-1.6in) of rain may fall in two hours, later.

A further 55 homes have been evacuated as concerns grow that nearby Marple, in Stockport is also at risk of flooding.

Some 1,500 people in Whaley Bridge had already sought shelter elsewhere after part of the reservoir's spillway broke away.

Police said the "risk of adverse weather" was to blame for the most recent evacuations, as well as the continuing risk of the reservoir breaching.

The army and police officers have also visited residents in Marple, issuing flooding advice.

Emergency responders are planning and preparing for a "potential incident" there but were not yet evacuating Marple.

Derbyshire Deputy Chief Fire Officer Gavin Tomlinson said teams at Whaley Bridge had made good progress overnight.

"We now know we have taken around 35% of the contents of reservoir out now and we are aiming to get it down about 25% where we think it is at a safe level," he said.

After a long night pumping water at WhaleyBridge we needed to relocate our High Volume Pump. Physical work at 04:30 but the beautiful setting and sunrise took away the pain.

"So throughout the night what we have done is concentrated our efforts on making sure all the pumps run to full capacity.

"That means as the water level drops - the reservoir doesn't have straight sides it, comes in [with sloping sides], so we have to keep relocating the pumps further and further in," he said.

The Canal and River Trust estimated on Saturday that 105,000 cubic metres (23 million gallons) of water had been pumped out in 12 hours.

'Not out of the woods'

An RAF Chinook helicopter put 400 tonnes of sandbags on the affected part of the dam on Friday - adding a further 70 on Saturday.

Daniel Greenhalgh, from the trust, which owns the reservoir and dam, warned: "We are not out of the woods yet.

"The last estimate was that residents could be out of their homes for seven days yet."

Asked about moving people back into their homes, fire officer Mr Tomlinson said: "At the rate we are pumping, we are hoping certainly towards the end of the week we be in a position to be able to do that."

You may like to know

The Derwent dam in Derbyshire is famous for being where the Dam Busters practised raids during world war two.

, you may be,
But now Kembles Thertre Usherette
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