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Great photos everyone. Always good to see Teddy babes.
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That is a fab car Miss Lisa and Miss Tina, and you fit in so well, now to get Mr Track to let you drive on the road.

Mr Bob will love that car and Mr Timbo.

I have a car myself too have you seen it?, I can't tell you what it is as there is a competition running at Christmas.
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Default What A Lady Wants She can usually Get!

I arrived here in little more than my underwear after a long and difficult journey. I couldn't tell Mr Kats straight off I was really a titled Countess but at least I was determined to look like one.
Well Mr Kats had fallen in love with me at first sight and he said I could have whatever I wanted so........

Mr Kats fell in love with me. I just fixed him with my blue eyes and he promised me the world.

So! I took him at his word and ordered myself some decent stuff.

Now at least I looked like a Lady.

And then!!! I said I wanted a baby!!!

Well! A Girl can always get what she wants eh?

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nice pics of you girls in the car lisa and tina what kind is it?
nice pics lady kats.

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