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Old 14-07-2019, 02:53 PM
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Smile Miss Bridget

Do please Welcome Miss Bridget to the site

She is a TPE Doll and yes a standing doll, and new to the site, in fact not seen on any site that I know of.

I have given her the name Bridget as I had to get her the biggest white knickers I could find

Yes she is the size of Bridget Jones, and a 28" skirt I found just fits with a 28 blouse!!

"That's all very fine for summer she said but not winter as she could not do the top buttons up

Do say Hello to Miss Bridget and I'm sure she will put you in her diary

I wonder what Miss Bridget will get up to on the site

Gibbins Motors Technology Uk
The more you know the less you know!!
Bob the Boss forum owner
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Old 14-07-2019, 08:55 PM
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Welcome Miss Briget!
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Old 15-07-2019, 06:12 PM
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welcome miss birdget we hope you enjoy it here on the forum and in your new home as well.

carly snugglemore and carlys_guy
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Old 15-07-2019, 09:05 PM
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welcome Bridget , keep buttoned up lass all eval eye's are on you
and dont get talked into photo's for garage wall pin up's .....

mr Track say's its not Bridget the Midget he know's

love N' hugs Lisa & Tina xxx
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Old 15-07-2019, 10:40 PM
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Thank you Guy's, I'm really Timbos Lady, but Mr Bob was very kind and put me on the forum, and got me the curly hair, I'm not really sure if that is the hair Mr Timbo wants, you see he has a thing for Bridget Jones and her big panties, as you know the big Lady's too.

Well that is good as I'm a big girl, and found the right Guy did I not

Anyway I have not got the best TPE, my body is ok but my hands and fingers oh it is really sad for me, but Mr Timbo is good Guy and is thinking what to do for me

We will do something he said

Anyway think I will end up blonde like Lady-J, and my eyes are green, I'm a big weight even for Mr Timbo, but I can stand so that's a help when dressing

See you soon, and I have you all down in my diary, love Bridget.

Last edited by Miss Bridget; 15-07-2019 at 10:47 PM.
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