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Thumbs up Some Fourm Help.

I dont want the sound track in the home page, ok sure we try and give you what you want on this forum, so if you look in the MP3 player bpx at the top right and click on the square you can switch this off, we do know some like it, some dont, thats why we give you the op:.

I`am in the home page and want to go to the main forum without clicking a topic?, go to the site navigation box, top lift, click forum to go to main forum.

I`am in the main forum and want to go back to the home page?, go to the top lift and click on the Gibbmodoll logo to go back to the home page.

When making a post i find the need to login again at times, why is this?, when you login set to (rember me) and the forum will hold the login, do log out after so Members will know who is on line.

How do i find a list of Members on the forum?, click on community at the top bar, in the drop down box click Members list.

In the Members list, i`am a Jumior Member will this change?, sure as you post this will start to change.

My topic is no longer in recent threads, how do i find it?, if there are no replies, your tipic will drop down the list, but this canbe found within the forum you made the post in.

How do i put a pic: into my post?, If your pic: is on the forum or on the web, just right click on your pic: and copy, at your post just paste, and see your pic.
You can put up to four pics: within a post, if you use smilies, using one will be one less pic:.
When you up load a pic: you can place it within your post, by using the bb code text that is dispplayed below the image when you view in full size.
Left click on the bb code to highlight it all in blue, hover over it, right click and copy, at your post just paste, preview your post to see your pic: and all is is ok before posting your topic.

How do i start an album on your site?, Go to user CP at the top forum bar, in your control panel click on Pictures and Albums, click add album, give your album a title and
description, click submit, and up load your pics: 3 at a time to your album, (the forum should size them for you), more help canbe found at FSQ.

What type of photos can i place in my site albums?, the pics: should be of items related, to the forums you want to post in, they must not be of porn in any way.

How do i put a link to a post to take someone there?, min: to hold your post, go to that page you want to link, highlight the url, at top of page in blue by left click, hover over it and right click, at the drop down box left click copy, go back to your post and left click at where in the post you want the link, right click and click paste.

I can see that i can edit my post, but cannot add smileys or edit the title?, , to do this you need to go advanced, click this, and save your changes after.
All the best Gibbmodoll.
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