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Default A Tribute to Wetsuit.

A Tribute to Jo aka (Wetsuit), please feel free to add to the Tribute to Jo here, and any photos or links, or anything you new about our dear friend.

Well as most here know Jo lost his fight to cancer, anyway Jo's Funeral was back in 2010 and took place at 1pm, I want you all to know we at the forums, that is here at the Sixties Garage and Bobs Love Doll Forum and The Doll Forum have sent flowers and a card the card reads in Loving Memory of Jo from Bob and Liz and all Members the sites he loved.

Here is a little of what Bob and Timbo knew about Jo, first he was a dear friend, and was to us all here at the Sixties Garage and other sites where he was also very active.

He would came and go between the two of Bobs forums and also to The Teddy Babe Forum making posts and threads and helping anyone in trouble and to answer any questions any had about dolls.

Even staying up late at night posting and checking the forums, one night Bob came on to the forum at 4am and found Jo still logged in, he told me he could not sleep so comes on the the forums and one could find him there at any time day or night.

Bob first got to know Jo on The Doll Forum, and of him posting on a thread when he was was so ill, wishing him well and keeping him going throw a very bad time in his life.

Bob said then that if I got threw his illness he would start a forum within the UK for Members of the UK and there dolls and cars, it is what we know know as the Sixties Garage and UK Lovedoll forum.

When it did get started one of the first members there was Jo (aka Wetsuit), he spent much time here making posts and threads, even before the forum got going and started to go interactive, he was one of the forums Founder Members and we have much to thank him for and helped to make it what it is today.

I think one of the jobs Jo had before he could not work due to a very bad motorbike accident that was not Jo's fault and left Jo fighting for his life at less than 40 and come close to losing his one leg was rewinding motors, Jo was a clever Guy and there was not much he could not put his hands to, I was told he wound the motors for the now London eye.

When Bob came on the forums his name would always be there, I miss seeing the name Wetsuit Bob said, as we are sure you all do too.

After a time Bob felt he new Jo, even never meeting him at that time and started to think he would make a good Moderator on the forums, one day he asked Jo if he would like to take up the job and he said he would like to have a go.

He started as a Moderator and was soon Super Moderator, he posted here as Mr Ripply and his love of old motorbikes there too.

He would take many photos of his dolls with his old bikes, and Bob remembers the photo of Jo's doll riding one of Jo's old motorbikes around the world for the add for the 2010 doll meet that also got printed on the t-shirts that are still around.

He was even made Administrator of the of Bobs sites and having full control of the forums, just before falling so ill.

With all of the work that Jo did and being a friend to all he also became an Ambassador at The Doll Forum and a much loved Member at the Teddy Babe forum, the Dolls he loved, ending up with a number of dolls himself.

Dolls are from left Mai li, Antanasia and Cordie.

Bob first got to meet Jo when going there to buy his doll Justine for a friend Timbo.

At that time Jo was finding it hard to move her around due the the trouble he had with the bad hip from the bike accident that had left Jo with many pins and joints scars that he was sensitive about, however his Brother told Bob that when on a beach a boy said to Jo how did he get all his scars, Jo said laughing that he got bitten by a big white shark!!

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