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Old 14-10-2017, 12:59 PM
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Default ford focus rear brakes

hope this is in the right area. we have a 2005 ford focus wagon and the rear brakes make a creak creak creak noise when we step on the brake peddal. it doesn't seem to happen in reverse or with the emergancy brake. we had our mechanic check it twice and he greased the areas where the shoes rub against the backing plate and greased the bearings, it helped for a month then the creak came back any idea what is going on?
thanks for any help you can give

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Old 14-10-2017, 01:49 PM
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Hi Carly's Guy, I will ask Tim on this as I can't be of any help, he will look in later, around 8pm Uk time, and yes the post is in the right place.
, you may be,
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Old 14-10-2017, 05:54 PM
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Hi Carlys Guy, bare with me as I'm using my phone, and it may cut off so I will add it in parts.

First off I'm working on the fact that the US cars are as the Uk ones, this maybe the case it may not, also that your car has drum shoe brakes, some over here have not, some have disc brakes on the back.

I can tell you what to look for, that's if the sound is coming from the rear brakes at all. with rear shoe brakes there's little to go wrong, that why I ask if you are sure it coming from there?.

Having a creak could be a bush, and as you brake the car pulls up or down on the bush and so you get a creak, that could be anywhere.

Anyway lets look at the brake system for UK cars with drum brakes.

Here is what to check if it's anything like the UK cars.

Main fault is that the pin on the cam lever will stick and will hold the brakes on, the cyl pistons stick, and the bonding comes of the shoe and the shoe pad can even come right off and lift over the other shoe and lock the brakes up, going back will free them, or the pad will come part off.

The other thing is fluid leak on the break shoes.

This is the type of drum on Uk cars, the wheel bearings are set in the hub, a lip can be found round the outer edge of the drum, this making it hard the pull off the hub, it's not a big deal and can be ground off, if it's really major, it's new drums, I have never fitted new drums, just ground it off.

This is what you may need to pull the hub off!!

I would try a bounce up and down on the back of the car, see if you get the creak, if you do it is for sure not the brakes, and may well be a bush shock or broken spring.

If your set up is like this check this bush and others

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