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Thumbs up Subaru Justy 4x4, W plate.

Customers complant, drive round a lelt hand bend and the motor will cut, drive right hand bend ok,

You can run a fuel pump current test, the cables canbe noted under the rear seat.
It should be noted that the tank is of the two dip type, to remove the tank you will need to drop the diff and drive shafts.
The tank is fitted with two pumps, pump 1 = dip 1, pump 2 = dip 2, the pumps are controled by floats, checking the level of fuel in the tank dips and controling the pumps, none pressure in dip 2, and just to fill and level dip 1, and the pressure pump in dip 1, is the high pressure pump to the injection.
You can start to see that trouble can start, when pumps fail and dip two is not filling dip 1 and so on.
You will need to check the control pressure at injection and the current control of the pumps to find out what is going on.
The pump in dip 1 should run all the time with motor running, the resis: of the level unit in dip two is 2 ohm fully up, and 50 ohm fully down.
If the pump should fail in dip 1, the motor will cut and wont start, and fuel pressure at the injection will be zero.
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