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Lightbulb Rules for this forum

Rules, there should be no sexual content porn or nudity with the dolls and within the shows, light sexual humor and language is fine, remember when posting work to the tv 9-pm water shead as a idea, dolls should dress and look audlt at all times.

To qualify for the members Plasticworld billboard your preduction should be a film, action movie, story, theatre production, pantomime, musical, comedy, Tv show or cartoon.
The production must have min: of 10 photos, text blow bubbles and sound effects may be added, the posts will hold 12 photos not counting the youtube videos or text, you can add more posts to your thread and pages, your preduction can be as long as you like, or in episodes, please add what epesode is showing.

You can also add your prouduction company logo and the productions opening photo, we will add this to the billboard with a link.
Admin is Holly Goodhead and you are welcome to pm me for help.

Rules of the site,

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