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Old 04-12-2009, 06:05 AM
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Default simple camoflage paint job

for those of you that like to do your own paint work but can't think of what to do
here's a simple & effective camoflage technique

strip, flat, & prime the item to be camoflaged, in this example I've used a petrol tank from a D1 Bantam,

the primer can be either grey or white for this colour scheme, I used grey because I had more grey paint than white at the time

once the tank was primed I covered the whole thing in masking tape, then drew random shapes all over it, & cut them out with a craft knife/scalple

NOTE; it is important to leave each coat of paint for at least 48 hours befor applying masking tape to it, as any solvent fumes still being given off will soften the glue on the tape leaving a slimey residue behind that is almost impossable to remove

next I sprayed it with white primer, & when I removed the tape this was what I had

after leaving it for 48 hours I was ready to do it all again but this time using black spray paint

NOTE; for each progressive colour it gives a better result if you make the paterns you draw, slightly smaller each time. It makes the finished paint job look more intricate

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