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Post by Natasha Cabin Crew

Click for sound effect

"Oh please Don't Natasha, It's Me Sofie"

"Sofie ! What the hell are you doing here, how did you get on board this flight ?"

"Well you and Sam left me home all alone and I got scared, so I decided that if you Guy's can go on this flight then so can I" " I found Sam's Gibbmodoll Hat and that gave me an idea "" I put the hat on and ran as fast as I could, and I got here just in time, the nice man at check in seen my hat and said I better hurry as the flight was just about to take off, he didn't even ask me for a ticket or anything" So I sneeked on board and have been hideing so no one could see me, then I got a little hungery and then that's when you found me in the galley"

"Oh so you think your clever now don't you" "I still have to report this to the Captain, I am sorry sophie but it's my job!"

"Now take my hand so you can't run off again"

"Oh Please Natasha please don't!"

"I hate you Natasha !!!!!"

"Yeah Yeah ! Whatever !!!"
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