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Angry No start VW PD's

We get a number of calls on VW PD systems with no start and code injector, some readers will say group of A, or 01 for injector one, some wont say what injector.

You may say why wont the car start and run on 3, the system checks the injectors 1 to 4, if one or more of the injectors are at fault the system will go into shut down and wont start.

It will do this by closing down the main really ground tail of the really coil.

If you are not sure what injector is at fault try this, remove R/box cover, see the injectors 2 pin plugs, and the heater plugs one wire, remove the plug from the injector you think is in trouble, clear down the system and try engine start, if it runs fault maybe that injector?

PD's will run with injector open if codes are cleared first.
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