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Old 29-09-2020, 09:50 AM
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Default Elina is pleased to meet you

Hello all

Just a quick introduction.

I’m Elina,

I came to Britain from China (my birthplace) arriving at my new home with Esjayell on May 22nd 2019 at 10.15 am. We live in an Edwardian end of terrace house, though so far I haven’t seen it from the outside all the way around. Indeed I haven’t yet seen all the inside as Esjayell is in the process of total renovation of our home and considers it rather unsafe for me to go a-wandering alone.

Soon after my arrival here Esjay convinced me to allow him to take some photos of me to mark the momentous event of my arrival! This photo is one of a group of pix that I am particularly fond of and thought I would share it with you all.

My statistics are:

Height: 158 cm (5’ 1.5”) I measure 77.5 cm (30.5”) around my Chesticles: 58.5cm (23”) around my Waist with 79 cm (31”) Hips and I Weigh 28 Kilos

My autobiography Elina: My Life So Far starts HERE

Kind Regards To You All

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Old 29-09-2020, 10:22 AM
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Welcome to the forum Esjayell and Elina, had been reading your amazing story and had just caught up as you posted the last part and video

Hope you enjoy the site, and you and Esjay enjoy the Movies and shows and joining in with all the things the forum has to offer.

Look forward to getting to know you and Esjayell

, you may be,
But now Kembles Thertre Usherette
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Old 29-09-2020, 11:08 AM
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Welcome to the forum Elina
Forum Technician
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Old 29-09-2020, 05:32 PM
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welcome esjayell and elina we hope you enjoy it here on this forum, it's not as busy as the others but sometimes that is a good thing.

carly snugglemore and carlys_guy
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