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Smile Jokes Thread

That fine man, Nelson Mandela, finally retired to a little cottage on the Veld. He wanted no more to do with politics, just to be left to live out his days in peace. He'd not settled in long when a great articulated truck drove up and deposited a huge pille of new car parts in his garden. Now Nelson was used to getting all sorts of odd presents but this was a new one and the truck was gone by the time he made it outside. A few days later the exact same thing happened - a pile of new engines and spares - puzzling and rather annoying.
Well Nelson was waiting when the third truck turned up. "What are you up to?" he enquires. Driver says; "You Nelson Mandela?"
"Sure!" replies Nelson "Well, it says on my chit;" says the driver;"that I have to deliver these car parts to you!
"Let me see that!" says Nelson! "You idiot! It says......."Deliver to Nissan Main Dealer!"

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