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Angry Land Rover Discovery 3, TDV6 S, 55 Plate.

Land Rover Discovery 3, TDV6 S, 55 Plate.

No air suspesion blow up, 60 amp fuse blows in the bonnet bay fuse box N/S by the batt:

If the fuse blows again check the pump motor in the box under the Discovery by the front of the rear N/S wheel, you will need to remove the bottom cover and drop it all down, 4 bolts hold it to the box member.

See the big red black cables of the motor, remove the plug and test the resis: at the motor end, look for 1.3 ohms, if it's zero or 0.2the motor is short.

The motor comes as the full unit for around £500-00, new units have a ppe c/v kit to fit it, pipes will need to be cut and insert fitted, nipples of the insert to the pipe end and fitted right into the pipe flush with the end.
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