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Old 18-03-2010, 11:54 PM
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hi Gibb,

it's finished,

looks pretty neat eh?

yes I'm going to put it back on the road, I sent off for the log book but as it hasn't been on the road since befor 1983 the DVLA don't have it on record & I don't have the old log book so it's going to have to be re registered

which means I can't keep the origional reg number

there was an old tax disc in the boxes with the bits that would have done as proof that it is the right number but I didn't know I would need it so it got thrown away

now I have a load of paper work to fill out to send off for a dating cert to get an age related plate, then I have to figure out some way to get it to the dvla local office to get it inspected & as I dont drive myself I've got to find someone with a van or trailer who can take it there for me

it'll be staying in the workshop for a while yet though as the main perpose of getting it put back together was to get it out of the way so I would have space to strip the saracen down to replace the engine bearings & paint up all the rusty bits, without getting the parts of the two bikes all mixed up

but rest assured, the first thing I will be doing when it comes out of here is making a video of it running so you can all hear what it sounds like
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Old 20-03-2010, 05:36 PM
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Wow, sure looks good , you have been working vary hard on it to get it back to looking like that.
Great to know that you will ride it on the road again, the paper work to do that is no easy job.
Cant wait to hear what it sounds like, bet it sounds great.

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