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Default Lady Kat. The Story of My Life

Lady Kat. My Story.

I think here and for a few episodes I recount my back story and history of who I am before I coming to this country. But I hoping most of you not judging people for I have done and been many things I had to, to survive in difficult times that passed.

So! To my birth and my ancestors.
You may be thinking how it is I get name Countess Ekaterina Ludmila Dollyeva Romanova?

Well! Long past and going back to time of Tsar Ivan IV, who you calling The Terrible, my family have rich lands near what today you call St Petersburg and noble up to time of last Tsar Nikolai. The names of most I never know but my Great, great, great, grandmother, The Countess Natalia, maybe distant cousin and so use name Romanova.

Here is pictures of old ancestors many years past.

Countess Tatiana in around 1700

Grand Duchess Maria around 1880.

Here you see very old photographs of royal court. Often I show this by my Great Grandmother Ilyana, who a little bit rambling in mind. She tell me one of ladies here is Countess Natalia but which one, for often she point different one? And One of her stories of family history is that we used to know Grigory Rasputin! Is true? Well is said Natalia's husband, Count Vladimir, neglect her and she find love where she can so who knowing from where really I be descending of?

But all this life come to end in year of 1917.
In that year people rise up against Tsar and call themselves Communist; which mean everybody share everything but it not like that and they set to destroy everything and everybody from the old days. Tsar and his family they arrest and later they shoot them all.
Before this happen many noble families go in hiding, changing name and give up all rich life. Anyone called Romanov be arrest at once so Natalia take family far, far away, all in disguise and change family name to Ivanov, which in Inglish is like "Johnson!"

And so we come to live in Siberia, many and many hundred of miles to East. Is a wild land, even today, huge of mountains and endless forest. In summer it warm and woods full of animals and rivers full of fish but winter is endless snow up to roof for months and a cold beyond all believing..

So I grow up in wood cottage little village, with Grandfather and Great Grandmother. Men there all hunters or chop trees and women work vegetable gardens. Was not rich life but we happy and all I know. Of course I never knowing I am Countess for we not say this out loud in Communist time. I thinking I just Katya (Katie) Ivanov and my life to grow up, marry handsome woodman and make babies.

You ask, my parents? Is sad for hardly I know them. In those times was no choice; my parents, when I am very little are told to go work in some factory for Government and one day am told has been bad accident and they no more. All then is secret and no more I know. But Grandfather Mikhail he love me well and teach me all about woods and how to fish and hunt. He teach me all about surviving and how look after myself. Ha! I shoot and fight as well as any boy!

And Here I am age 13.

But is enough for this episode; more I tell next time.
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Lovely story, looking forward to hearing more about your life and how you got to know Mr Kats and get married
, you may be,
But now Kembles Thertre Usherette
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Lady Kats you dont be rich to be happy , happiness is a gift we all poses , and we are hoping you find love and happiness , your aort2byogruffy is bringing tears to us .

love and hugs Tina & Lisa and mr Track xxx
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A great story - looking forward to the next episode!
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great story lady kats spell binding and exciting i can;'t wait for the next episode.

carly snugglemore
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Great story, but we need more now...
Russians: Full story available!
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