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Thumbs down Vauxhall Astra 1.6, 05 plate, eng code Z16XEP, no start.

Vauxhall Astra 1.6, 05 plate, eng code Z16XEP, no start, some times no crank, injector codes set.

Ok most of the time fault is the ECU, it's a small module bolted to the engine, with two plugs, it cannot be tested, and can only be got new, it will need to be coded, there is no plug and play unit at this time.

It's £600+ from dealer , best price for unit is ATP, they canbe found in our links page here at the forum, just less than £400+vat, BBA Reman £474+vat.
Common to this is motor wont crank and no comms:.
Common codes are, motor no start but will crank.
P0201, cyl 1 injector circ:.
P0202, cyl 2 "
P0203, cyl 3 "
PO204, cyl 4 "
PO230, fuel pump prim: circ.
?6050 unknown DTC.
P1600 replace or reprogram ECU.
U2103, CAN-BUS
U2104, "
U2108, data invalid from ABS system.

U2139 in steering column, no comms:.

C0800 in ABS, batt: gattway voltage.
U2105 " No comms: with ECU.
U2100 " comms: malfunction.
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