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Angry Suzuki Grand Vitara SE petrol, coil fuse blow.

Suzuki Grand Vitara SE petrol, coil fuse blow, blowing out coils and ECM damage to coil drivers.

Here we will be dealing with a number of faults on the petrol Suzuki Vitara, we will be looking at the two coil type seen in the photo and also the 4 coil type's, one coil per cyl.

The fault however is the same for the 4 coil type and two coil type.

On the two coil type the fault is that the 20 amp coil fuse will blow out and the motor wont then start, it can do this at odd times be perm short and then ok.

The fuse box is under the dash in the kick trim on o/s, the cables go to the two coils in the bonnet bay and we have seen many have wiring shorts, this one is blowing the fuse, but we have seen them heating coils and taking out the ECU injectors drivers, more so on the 4 coil types.

The place to look is behind the batt: in the engine bay, the loom and coil wires and drivers and coil triggers run behind the batt: and the rack.

The fault.
The loom drops down and rubs on the rack and where the rack is fitted, remove the batt: and check the loom and the cables for rubblng, you may well find shorting.

You will need to make good the loom and tie it up to stop it rubbing on the rack, make sure the batt: is will fitted and clamped down.
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