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Lightbulb Landrover Freelander TD4, 04 plate.

Landrover Freelander TD4, 04 plate, complaint of poor power, like no turbo op: and at times no start.

Codes P1260, pre-fuel pressure, control pressure too low for starting, this can and most times will be the pump, the 04 plate has the pump under splash gard at off/side rear wheel.

You may find that clearing the code and running at idle the code will stay clear, but on throttle up will add the code to the system = P1260, it will do this at a fuel pressure at around 140kpa, and motor wont rev over 3500 rpm.

When system is ok look for the prim: fuel pressure to be around 382kpa at idle and around 310kpa at full blip throttle.

Note after a filter change, pressure was only 109kpa with the old pump and at this low pressure the motor wont start.

Pumps canbe noted to stop and start again by tapping the pump.
High pressure rail look for 28658kpa min at idle, and 114632kpa full blip on snapshot.
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