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Default Air in pipes Citroen C3, and high pressure pump removel.

On some Peug: Citroen and Ford cars with the Peug: HDi engine there are several fuel lines running under the plastic box that is on top of the engine. (Star type bolts) anyway removed that.
Under it and behind the engine are these fuel lines, the fuel filter is on the right and primer bulb on the left of the engine (as you look at it with your head under the bonnet!) the lines run this way and that.. (Citroen call it the loom?)

It seems that the corner of the plastic box thing rubs on one of the fuel lines causing a microscopic hole in the line that goes to the top of the fuel filter.

You get tiny bubbles as a little fuel escaped and a bit of 'diesely' dampness. it's enough to slowly let air in the top of the line and thus fuel runs back to the tank (Downhill!)

So you needed that bit of pipe. (It is at this point that Citroen up the price) They only sell the complete Loom at Sixty something quid Plus Vat, when you only need the bottom pipe

However that's life and the way it is, it's a bit of work to change all the pipes, and at the high pressure pump we find it best to undo the pipe ends to get the pipes off.

You will note however the new lines have a pipe mod, it's now all in one with a pipe link line as a mod.

If you think you will prim: the filter and lines with that hand pump they give you think again, you wont, we prim the system this way note photo.

See self primer fitted to the filter, here we pull fuel throw the filter and into the lines, the back filter pipe is line in,(fuel from tank), the pump is inline with filter and pipes.

Priming this way will prim filter and lines the also the high pressure pump before testing.

High pressure pumps can and do fail, with zero pressure from the pump and a no start this can just happen at anytime, with the Semons pumps we have seen many that just stop pumping but without pump brak up, where a new or second hand pump will fix the fault.

The regs: also stick and can give zero fuel pressure.

It's not major work to remove and refit the Citroen C3 high pressure pump, but make sure you know the fault first, testing of the pump needs more than just a good scan tool and will need the Dalphi high pressure test kit and reg: blanks to test for full pump output and over ride the control reg:

A good pump should do between 1000 and 1500 bar using a blank, when testing make sure fuel can enter and flow threw the pump.

Removing C3 Pump

1, Remove air box,
2, Remove the pipe work from filter and pump, the fuel line cons on the timing box cover and return pipes, you will need to pull the one pipe out from under the injection wiring.
3, susport engine remove the engine mounting 5 bolts and the mounting.
4, Remove drivers side road wheel and the inside wing cover and mud flap, also the under tray.
5, Romove the alt: belt with tool or pry bar, (its a spring load only).
6, Undo the pully nut with air tool, remove pully.
5, Remove the wiring from the cam box cover, and the top and bottom covers.
6, Remove the engine susport bracket 4 bolts.
7, fit belt and TDC and pully tools, remove cam belt.
8, pull engine over to the front, remove EGR pipe top screws one bracket bolt and the pipe clip.
9, remove the pump wiring plugs two.
10, Remove the pumps output fuel line from pump and the fuel rail.
11, Remove the pump, it's on a bracket and canbe removed with it's pully, look for the pumps top bracket and remove it, there are now 3 bolts holding the pump bracket and pump, remove them and remove the high pressure pump.


This help topic is subject to changes without notification. The information within is carefully checked and considered to be correct. This information is an example of our investigations and findings and is not a definitive procedure. The Sixties Garage accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies. Each vehicle may be different and require unique test settings.

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