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Lightbulb The Newsroom

In Parliament

Boris had a little trouble getting the train home today

On the home front

Anti-sex toilets will soak users with water jets and sound alarm

A seaside town is planning to install public toilets that will stop sexual activity by spraying amorous occupants with water and sounding an alarm.

The new loos in the Welsh town of Porthcawl are also designed to prevent anti-social behaviour such as vandalism and drug taking.

The toilets will have weight-sensitive floors to make sure only one person is using each cubicle at a time.

Any violent movement will set off a water jet to soak users, sound an alarm and automatically open the doors.

Is this Britain's strangest vehicle? Bedfordshire Police flag down 'most unusual' motorbike

A vehicle, believed to be a motorbike, alarmed police when it was spotted travelling down the motorway.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a… gaffer-taped motorbike which looks like a boat crossed with a plane nose and covered in white paint.

This bizarre vehicle was flagged down by police on Sunday evening after it was spotted travelling along on the motorway near Bedfordshire.

A photograph of the curious vehicle, thought to be a motorbike, was soon tweeted out by the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire roads policing unit.

"The most unusual vehicle I've stopped on a motorway in my 26 years! All checked and in order, although still not convinced I know what it is," an officer wrote with the post.

Police deemed the vehicle was legal to ride on the road, meaning it had a number plate, was taxed and insured, as well as having working lights and brakes.
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i can see a lot of law suits over the squirting toilets thing.
i like the thinking of the guy with the cycle he just wanted to stay dry although it looks like he didn't leave enough room for carrying groceries.

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