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Smile Ranger immobiliser bypass

Ranger immobiliser bypass, how too

This is for the old Ford Ranger trucks here in Uk, with mechanical injector pumps, using the old Mazda push rod engine.

If it turns over but wont start, check fuel at filter, check for fuel at injectors, if no fuel check stop valve 1, this is the one you can see on outside of pump!!

Check it has it's supply on cranking the motor, if ok check it clicks by adding 12v.

If all is fine then think about an immobiliser fault, they do fail big time

Best way out of this is to bypass, remove the injector pump fully from the motor.

Note the immobiliser sensor on back of pump, a three wire plug went onto this, remove this sensor from the pump and note PCB under this, you will need to break out the PCB to see stop valve 2.

Wire stop valve 2 to stop valve 1, refit injector pump, time bleed filter and injectors start motor

Note stop valve 2 should click as stop valve one if ok, you will not find the info anywhere on line, and no pump repair will tell you, many old trucks have gone to scrap due to this


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