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Thumbs down Uk worst pollution in Europe,

When it comes to cars why are figures for Italy and France so much lower.
Well there is mandatory type approval on exhaust systems and catalytic converters, in the Uk there is not, though it will soon be illegal to do so.

We at Gibbins Motors Tech Group, have been testing aftermaket cats for some years and have found them to cat a bit or in fact not cat at all .

Now independent tests show that some cats on sale in the Uk, have no precious metal content in them at all, and do not function.

It should be noted that some engines in a good tune and with a short, straight-through exhaust will pass the Uk emission test, so one with an ineffectual cat can also pass.

The first indication the user gets that his cat is useless is when after a week or so the code light comes on, (EOBD/OBD), the only remedy is to fit a new cat, even though the cat is a new one .

It should also be noted that most of them will not even pass the Uk MOT test, and even if they do will still trigger the EDBD light, this frustrating the garage and there customer.

We have also found that some exhaust factors will not give refuonds, or will only want to give you one more faulty cat to try , i dont like the sound of that!! .

When running a cat test use a full gas page, check that the lambda will pass with the engine hot, this will tell you that the engine and its sensors are working fine, check the CO%, a good cat will give zero CO%, and the poor cats will give 0.2+, this is good enough to pass the MOT test just, but will trigger the light on with most cars, use dealer OE cats only, never from a motor factor.
Read more in the Motor trade pay site.
Gibbins Motors Technology Uk
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