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Thumbs up Audi A5/A6, Rough running.

Audi A5/A6, Rough running.
Audi A6’s are now finding their way into independent workshops with a variety of faults.
One such A6 TDI came to the workshop with the complaint of very poor not running.
Engine remap is common but unlikely to be the cause, we needed to establish whether the problem was mechanical or electronic.
The fuel quantity values were checked though and were found to be correct but on removing the injector rocker shaft, one was found to be broken, thinking that this must be the cause of the problems and after the repair the car was still performing badly, not as rough as it had been.
After more diagnostics using an oscilloscope, we identified no electronic distortion or scatter at the engine speeds where vibration was present, this leading us to believe that the fault was mechanical and in all probability, the dual mass flywheel, this turned out to be the correct diagnosis.
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