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Lightbulb (All New Forum),The Vintage Pin-up Girl Circus

Posts and topics must be about Vintage pin-up's, information photos fashion, other topics canbe posted in there relating forums or the open forum.

There should be nothing that will cause bad feeling between Members and there photos.

No sexual content porn or nudity or sexually orinented or offensive posting using Vintage photo's, all must be Adult, bathing kit, and underwhere are fine.

Any clickable links must take you to the photo or the object without login and not to over 18 porn sites, all will be removed by our Moderators.

Please post your photos to the site albums when ever you can, a lot of third party hosting remove photos due to being inactive or time out, this leaving your post or thread without it's photo for others to enjoy

Your forum host here is Timbo

Please also read the main forum rules of conduct and terms of use at this link,
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