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Old 18-12-2019, 04:35 PM
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Default error loading pictures

i got an internal server error when trying to load some pictures today any idea what is happening?

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Old 18-12-2019, 09:45 PM
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I've uploaded a photo but there does seem to be issues in Pictures and Albums where part of the screen will not be fully shown.
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Old 18-12-2019, 10:18 PM
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I just loaded 12 photos, all loaded fine, 5 at a time, so bit odd.

Try a clear of the cache, and make sure the photos are not to big, Timbo said server error canbe due to the photo file, try a photo you know loaded ok before.

Let me know if you are still having trouble.
, you may be,
But now Kembles Thertre Usherette
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