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Angry P0234 on Audi A3 2.0 TDI 07 plate.

In this thread we will take a look at code P0234 and how to deal with it.

first of all your scan tool may come up with on info for this code, the Audi code is 00564 and is in fact Turbocharger TC engine boost condition limit exceeded.

Note, this code is also used for the supercharger.

When i say the complaint is that the turbo will close down, switch off and the turbo will start to boost again, some of you will know what to do.

Here is a run down of how and what to test, the fault canbe many things but start with the tubo wastgate test first.

The code is that the boost is out of it's range at times, take a note of whan and how the ecm is closing down the turbo, and how quick and at what speed.

Remove the under tray and the pipe from the wastgate actor, fit a vacuum pull gauge.

Look for full movement of the turbo arm, without any jurking, you should also have vacuum hold, pump vacuum to around 18 hg min:, the full movement should be at around 15 hg, and the arm should fully return at zero.

In this case there was no movement and the car will need a new turbo .
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