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Default Vauxhall Vectra 1,9 CDTI, 54 plate, poor power under 2000 rpm.

Vauxhall Vectra 1,9 CDTI, 54 plate, poor power under 2000 rpm.

No DTCs are set, but the power is low at under 2000 rpm, very poor on take off.

First check out the turbo op:, look for enough vacuum at the turbo wastgate to pull the flap closed, taking it on and off and the gate rod should be seen to move fully up and back with out sticking, the rod shoud close the gate vacuum on, and should open it vacuum off.

Check it will move fully up and down without sticking in anyway.

Next check out the EGR.

It is easy to do, and the elec: part canbe removed, and the valves canbe seen and checked for leaking, and cleaned and checked for being free to open and close, and a fluid leak test canbe made within it's housing.

The push rod in the elec: part should be free, take two cables from a 12v batt, and link to the sol:, dab it on the batt: and the sol: should click and work the rod.

Here we found that the valve part was ok but being held a little open by the elec: sol: that was found to be sticky.

If the valve is just a little open the power will be poor on take off, and up to 2000 rpm.

The valve is a actor only and has no pot to know where it is at any giver time.
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