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Default Landrover Freelander, immobiliser: light wont go out and blip wont work.

Landrover Freelander, immobiliser light wont go out, no comms: or reaset on hand set and blip wont work, info on tail gate op:

D/M, the ground batt: con: for a time, refit, the rear window should be noted to go down, press the blip button 6 times, after that reset, all should work ok.

If tail gate blip locking and unlocking is working, but the tail gate window wont come part down to go under trim, check mec: fault, broken rear window up down cable.

Lock and unlocking canbe seen in the body control live data, and the door sense, as the tail gete is opened and closed, the rear tail gate wiper and wiper wash switches can also be seen to switch on and off in the data also.
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