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Lightbulb Buying a 12" Phicen Doll like Plenty

Buying a 12" Phicen Doll like my Plenty, the dolls are 12" and the place for them is here in this forum.

The dolls have a steel body and fully flexable, they are out standing and come with a number of hands and some clothes also a stand, more clothes and boots you can get on the internet, however I got Plenty's high black boots from London and are really nice.

I got Plenty for around 60-00 at the time, a wait time of around two weeks, but I was told it could be longer.

Here is a unboxing video I found on youtube, this is just how Plenty came and same type of box and packing.

The next video shows just what she can do, she is great to with the Action Men.

And here is Plenty

Here are some super clothes for your Phicen Doll

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