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Old 31-12-2017, 02:35 PM
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Smile A Blast from the Past

We had a lovely sunny weekend for a change & we were stuck at home missing it cause Wetsuit & I both wanted to watch the grand prix, & wow what a result for the british drivers eh?

so about 2 o'clock sunday afternoon we're sitting around bored, when his nibbs suddenly jumps up & proclames "Cordie, get yer kit, we're outta here".

Ok, so I'm a little confused at this point, untill I see him open up the closet with the camping gear in & start dragging stuff out,

ah right, now I get it, so half an hour later we're loading up the bike & he remembers there's something up with the back light so he starts pulling it appart,

well we finaly got it back together with all the luggage loaded about half 4, & off we went, an hour & a half later & were in Church stretton at the foot of the long mynde listening to the church bells chiming six o'clock while we have a quick snack & stretch our legs

then we were off again over the mountain to a little place called Wentnor where we made camp for the night by the side of a brook

I'm sat there listening to the sound of the brook & the song birds singing out their evening chorus when the mood is totally spoiled by himself shouting "oi dopey, stop day dreaming & keep an eye on the beans"

he even laughed at me when he saw I'd packed a hot water bottle, but he wasn't laughing later when it got really cold

we only stopped out for the one night but it was good to get away from the mundane for a change & besides it has gotten pretty darnd cold out there today so I'm glad to be back in the warm
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