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Default Katya and the Bear

So Ello to all my friends and so good to be seeing Teddy Babes still loved here.
Well thanking you all for interest. And so I will continue with my - Orto-biog-rafee!


Do you know I shot my first bear when I am just a little girl!

Happy home in woods village.

I living happy in Siberia woods; many and many trees for miles they are. Yes sometimes very cold and snow to rooftops but Summer very warm and all around birds and animals and peace; no cars or crowds. All buildings in our little town make of wood and each house have small garden farm where we grow vegetables and share with everyone but mostly men all work in woods hunting or cutting trees and women have hard life in homes, cooking cleaning and washing. Even when a little girl I have to help with chores.

Well! I just a little woods girl and no idea I am somebody with name and title; such things I never imaging. I think I grow up like village women, working hard to keep house, marry some strong, hopefully handsome man and make babies.

I may be little but Grandfather he say I am tough as iron nails.

So to get to story. I am seven years old, little Katya and keeping little wooden house tidy while Grandfather Mikhail out hunting some wild pig keep digging up our gardens and Great Grandmother Ilyana visiting gossiping friend. And a bear comes!

Well, we in woods are friends to some animals, for many believe eagles and wolves are spirits of dead ancestors but bears can be bad. When they hungry they break into food stores and will attack and even kill people. Also their skin make good warm coats!

The bear come. He try to break into food store shed at side of house and if he want he could easy break down house door, so what I to do; is no-one to help or will hear? Bear is angry and shake side of house. What I to do?

Siberian Bear big and Angry

Well! Even I only seven, I no soft snowball. I know how look after myself; Grandfather, he teach me how to survive. Even I can beat bigger boys fighting if they bother me! Ha!
Now bear is rattling door! He want to come in!

So I dive under Great Grandmother's bed and drag out her old gun. Now Grandfather he teach me how to shoot his rifle but I never use old Great Grandmother's war gun. Here I should say my old Great Grandmother, who is my Grandfather's mother, was once most famous. In Great Patriotic War, what you call World War 2, she was hot shot sniper in Uncle Joe's Red Army.
She always sleep with it, like it her baby but often she show me how to clean and load it so I do know how. Is big and heavy for me but I know how to hold it, just.

Great Grandmother Ilyana hug her old war gun like baby

I hear bear very angry outside so I go to nearest window, very small for to keep heat in and I point gun out and stand on stool. Well Great Grandmother Ilyana's gun is called AK-47 and always she keep it spotless clean and ready. I know what she always do; flick off safe switch and pull back slide - is hard but I do it. Bear come by; he see me and is very angry; he stand up very tall and roar like thunder- and I let him have it! Is awful noise and I thrown back off stool on to floor. That is enough for me, I run and hide under Great Grandmother's bed.

Much later I hear hunters coming back and lot of shouting. Grandfather rush open door and he sweep me up in arms to see if I safe. Then others come in and say how brave I am to kill big angry bear. Everyone want to hug me and I feel very important.

Grandfather Mikhail

That night I tucked into bed and Grandfather he smile and say; "You know, when I shoot bear, is usually one shot right between eyes so skin is good for using. Big bad bear, you shoot, have twenty bullet holes all over him! Still, he must be really stupid bear to think he can tackle my little Katya.

And next I tell how happy life all changes; I grow up and have to leave our woods.

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Old 26-07-2019, 10:36 AM
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An amazing story Katya, and that bear was so scary, think I would have been under the bed and not a brave girl like you to use that gun

, you may be,
But now Kembles Thertre Usherette
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Old 26-07-2019, 10:52 AM
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Well how brave was that!!
And so you were too when using that gun, a great story
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Old 26-07-2019, 01:22 PM
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great story lady kats we can't wait to hear some more, surprised she used an AK-47 as a sniper rifle usually they used mosin nagants for that.

carly snugglemore and carlys_guy
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Old 26-07-2019, 03:38 PM
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whow' you are so brave , for a lady they are usually soft and toffee nosed , we wish we was like you and now all grown up and married .
mr Track says he would not have hid under the bed but ran away in fear .

lots of love Lisa & Tina xxx

how's about we get a pet bear for you two to look after - huh they've dissapeared

ST x
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Old 31-07-2019, 09:09 PM
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A remarkable story! What more can one say?
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